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E11.1502 Force Table
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Equipment for quantitative investigation of the combination and resolution of force
  Detail Specification:
E11.1502 Force Table
Circular Workplate
PVC board, write-on/wipe-off laminated surface,34cm diameter,1.5cm thickness,with built-in scale,centering pole,plastic centering ring.
Detacgabke Leg 3 pieces. 26 com High, easy to store.
Extra Pulley with Clamps 1set. Low friction, low-inertia.
Brass Weight Holder 3pcs, 50g each
Slotted Brass Weights 3sets.1 set with 5g*2,10g*2,20g*2,50g*2, weight 170g
Spool of string 10cm


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