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E11.1503 Dynamics System
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This Dynamicis System can be used in the following experiment:
1. Conservation of momentum in explosions
2. Conservation of momentum in collisions.
3. Simple harmonic oscillator.
4. Oscillations on an incline.
5.Springs in series and parallel.
6.Launch speed.
7.Newton's second law.
8.Acceleration down an incline.
9.Conservation of energy.

  Detail Specification:
E11.1503 Dynamics System
1 picec.Length 1.3m,one of forming aluminum platform,anode treatment,has two groves, a metric scale, and two T-slots on both side.
Plunger Cart 1 piece.A Spring-loaded plunger has three cocking positions,accessory tray,two tapped holes,bumpers,low-friction wheels.
Collision Cart 1 piece.Has magnets,accessory tray,two tapped holes,bumpers,low-friction wheels
Cart Masses 3 pieces. Designed to be placed on the upper tray of a cart.
Adjustable Feet 2 pieces
Adjustable End Stop 2 pieces
Harmonic Springs 4 pieces
Friction Block 1 pieces.Has two different surfaces(wood and felt)
Extra Pulley with Clamp 1 set.Low-friction, low-inertia
Angle Indicator 1 pieces
Spring Cart Launcher 1 set
Experiment Guide
Experiment CD
Packing Delicate packing carton/Aluminum case.


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