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A56.4901 Coaxial LED Illumination (Eyepiece)
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Newly developed in 2016, A56.4901 Coaxial LED Illumination (Eyepiece) character such as handy installation, high efficiency, light weight and small volume.

• Come with a universal adapter, adapter to eyepiece with outer diameter from 20mm-46mm..
• High brightness, produce less heat, comfortable light for eyes, direct currect power supply, no stroboscopic.
• USB power supply, make your work more convenient and high efficient.

  Detail Specification:
A56.4901 Coaxial LED Illumination (Eyepiece)
LED Quantity 1pc (High-Power, White Light)
Spot Size
Consistent with Observation from Eyepiece
Colour Temperature
Body Size Dia.61.5mm * Height 105mm
Net Weight About 170g
Material ABS



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