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Zeiss TV Adapter (For Primo Star, Primo Vert)
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A55.2209 Zeiss TV Adapter (For Primo Star, Primo Vert)
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--Convert the Zeiss trinocular microscope phototube head port (have standard ISO 30 mm(1.18 inch) outer diameter for the insertion end to phototube) to traditional C-Mount type(25.4 mm or 1 inch diameter with 32 threads per inch)
--With different built-in reduction lens (1.2X,1X, 0.8x 0.65X, 0.5X, 0.35X) for achieving better field of view from microscope trinocular head
--Compatible with Zeiss 60N-C microscope adapter
--Build of material: anodized aluminum
--Telecentric optics with low light deficiency
--Parfocal with different microscope objective lenses
--Diffraction limited MTF
--Aperture totally coupled with UIS microscope objective’s exit pupil
  Detail Specification:
Item No.
A55.2209-1.2 1.2x 4/3", 1" T2-Mount
A55.2209-1.0 1.0x 1", 2/3" C-Mount


0.8x 1", 2/3" C-Mount
A55.2209-0.63 0.63x 2/3", 1/1.8", 1/2" C-Mount
A55.2209-0.5 0.5x 1/1.8", 1/2", 1/2.5" C-Mount


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