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LED Fluorescent Microscope
LED Fluorescent Microscope
Inverted Fluorescent Microscope
Inverted Fluorescent Microscope
LED Fluorescent Microscope
LED Fluorescent Microscope
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A16.2603-NL LED Fluorescent Microscope
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  Detail Specification:
Items A16.2603-NL LED Fluorescent Microscope Specification -1 -2 Cata. No.
Head Seidentopf Trinocular  Head Inclined 30°,Rotatable 360°, Interpupilary Distance 48-76mm, Light Split Switch E100:P0/E20:P80,
Eyepiece Tube Dia.30mm
Eyepiece WF10x/22mm, Dia.30mm, High Eyepoint, Diopter Adjustable ●● ●● A51.2621-1022
Nosepiece Quintuple A54.2610-N01
Infinity Plan Objective PLAN 2.5X/0.07,W.D.=8.47mm A52.2606-2.5
PLAN 4X/0.10,W.D.=12.10mm A52.2606-4
PLAN 10X/0.25,,W.D.=4.64mm A52.2606-10
PLAN 20X/0.40(S),W.D.=2.41mm A52.2606-20
PLAN 40X/0.66(S),W.D.=0.65mm A52.2606-40
PLAN 60X/0.80(S),W.D.=0.33mm A52.2606-60
PLAN 100X/1.25(S,Oil),W.D.=0.12mm A52.2606-100
PLAN 100X/1.15(S,Water),W.D.=0.19mm A52.2606-100W
Infinity Plan
Semi-APO Fluorescent Objective
UplanFLN 4x, N.A.0.16,W.D.=17.151mm A5F.2611-4
UplanFLN 10x, N.A.0.30,W.D.=7.68mm A5F.2611-10
UplanFLN 20x, N.A.0.50,W.D.=1.96mm A5F.2611-20
UplanFLN 40x, N.A.0.75,W.D.=0.78mm A5F.2611-40
UplanFLN 100x(Oil), N.A.1.30,W.D.=0.15mm A5F.2611-100
Working Stage Rackless (Integrated) Mechanical Stage, Size 182×140mm, Travel Range 77×52mm, Double Slide Holder A54.2601-S10
Mechanical Stage Size 175 mm×145mm, Travel 76mmX52mm, Scale: 0.1mm, Double Slide Holder A54.2601-S01
Focusing Coaxial Coarse & Fine Focusing, Coarse Focusing Travel Range: 22mm, Fine Focusing Div. 0.002mm  
Condenser Swing-out Condenser,N.A.0.9/0.13,Iris Diaphragm A56.2614-07a
Illumination Transmit Light 6V30W Halogen
Koehler Illumination, Wide Voltage 100V~240V, Field Diaphragm
Field Diaphragm For Kohler Illumnation A56.2615-BK
Filter Dia.45mm, Blue  A56.2616-45B
Dia.45mm, Green A56.2616-45G
Dia.45mm, Yellow A56.2616-45A
Dark Field Dark Field Condenser, Dry, N.A.0.83-0.91, For 4x10x40x Objective A5D.2610-BK
Dark Field Condenser, Immersion, N.A.1.3, For 100x Objective     A5D.2610-BKW
Polarizing Analyzer + Polarizer Set A5P.2601-BK
Phase Contrast Infinity Plan Phase Contrast Objective 10x + Phase Contrast Slide 10x + Phase Contrast Condenser + Telescope 11x + Green Filter A5C.2602-10
Infinity Plan Phase Contrast Objective 20x + Phase Contrast Slide 20x + Phase Contrast Condenser + Telescope 11x + Green Filter A5C.2602-20
Infinity Plan Phase Contrast Objective 40x + Phase Contrast Slide 40x + Phase Contrast Condenser + Telescope 11x + Green Filter A5C.2602-40
Infinity Plan Phase Contrast Objective 100x + Phase Contrast Slide 100x + Phase Contrast Condenser + Telescope 11x + Green Filter A5C.2602-100
Turret Phase Contrast Attachment
Infinity Plan Phase Contrast Objective 10x20x40x100x, Turret Phase Contrast Condenser 5-Holes, Telescope 11x, Green Filter
Fluorescence Upgrade From A12.2603-B/T Biological Microscope With
5W LED Fluorescent Built-in Media Device,
Single Band, China Filter B or G
Ultraviolet Protection Barrier
Upgrade From A12.2603-B/T Biological Microscope With
5W LED Fluorescent Built-in Media Device,
Double Band, China Filter B + G
Ultraviolet Protection Barrier
Adapter C-Mount 0.5x, Focus Adjustable A55.2601-05
C-Mount 0.75x, Focus Adjustable A55.2601-75
C-Mount 1.0x, Focus Adjustable A55.2601-10
Digital Eyepiece Camera Adapter, Dia. 23.2mm/25mm A55.2610
Package Carton Size 970×340×440mm, 1 pc / Ctn
Weight Gross Weight: 22 kgs, Net Weight: 18 kgs
Note: "●"In Table Is Standard outfits, "○" Is Optional Accessories


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