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Metallurgical Microscope, Transmit & Reflect Light
Metallurgical Microscope, Reflect Light
Metallurgical Microscope
Metallurgical Microscope
Metallurgical Microscope, Reflect & Transmit
Metallurgical Microscope, Reflect
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A13.2501-B Portable Metallurgical Microscope
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New Product in 2011!
Small & Simple, with bright white LED light built-in, and high quality image!
  Detail Specification:
A13.2501-B Portable Metallurgical Microscope
Total Magnification 100-400x
Mechanical Tube Length 160mm
Head Monocular Vertical Head
Eyepiece WF10X
LWD Plan Objective
(No Cover Glass)
PLL 10X/0.25 W.D. 7.3mm
PLL 40X/0.65 W.D. 0.5mm
Focusing Coaxial Coarse & Fine Focus Knob, Focusing Range 36mm
Light Source LED Coaxial Illumination, Brightness Adjustable, Powered By Rechargeable Batteries (Battery NOT Included For Air Shipment)
Packing Portable Aluminium Case
A13.2501-B Portable Metallurgical Microscope Optional Accessories
Adapter Photo Adapter For SLR Digital Camera Canon Series A55.2622-C
Photo Adapter For SLR Digital Camera Nikon Series A55.2622-N
Polarizing Set Polarizer & Analysiser Slides A5P.2601
LWD Plan Objective
(No Cover Glass)
20x/0.40mm, WD8.6 A5M.0234-20
50x/0.70mm, WD2.20,Spring A5M.0234-50A
60x/0.75mm, WD1.34,Spring A5M.0234-60
80x/0.80mm, WD0.96,Spring A5M.0234-80A
100x/1.25mm, WD0.33, Spring,Oil A5M.0234-100
Magnet Stand Magnet Stand, X/Y Moving Range 10x10mm A54.2501


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