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Metallurgical Microscope, Transmit & Reflect Light
Metallurgical Microscope, Reflect Light
Metallurgical Microscope
Metallurgical Microscope
Metallurgical Microscope, Reflect & Transmit
Metallurgical Microscope, Reflect
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A13.1017 Metallurgical Microscope, Reflect Light
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  Detail Specification:
Specification A13.1017 A B
Head Binocular Head  
Trinocular Head  
Eyepiece WF10x/18
Objective Infinity Plan Achromatic Objectives 4×/0.1/∞/- WD17.3mm
Infinity Plan Achromatic Objectives 10×/0.25/∞/- WD10.0mm
Infinity Plan Achromatic Objectives 40×/0.60/∞/0 WD2.9mm
Stage Double Layer Mechanical Stage150×140mm/75×50mm
Nosepiece Quadruple Nosepiece
Focusing Coaxial Fine & Coarse Adjustment
Illumination Kohler Illumination, Epi-illuminator with iris aperture diaphragm and iris field diaphragm, 6V/20W Halogen Lamp, Brightness Adjustable
Filters Blue
Ground Glass
Optional Accessories Item No.
Eyepiece WF8x/18 A51.1002-8
WF12.5x/15 A51.1002-12.5
WF10x/18 With 0.1mm Micrometer & Cross Hair A51.1007-10M
Objective Infinity Plan Achromatic Objectives 20x/0.40/∞/- WD5.8mm A5M.1035-20
Infinity Plan Achromatic Objectives 40x/0.65/∞/- WD0.78mm A5M.1035-40
Infinity Plan Achromatic Objectives 50x/0.75/∞/- WD0.32mm A5M.1035-50
Infinity Plan Achromatic Objectives 80x/0.90/∞/- WD0.2mm A5M.1035-80
Infinity Plan Achromatic Objectives 100x/0.90/∞/0 WD0.7mm A5M.1035-100
Polarizing Simple Polarization Set A5P.1004
Other Specimen Presser For Metallurgical Specimen Preparation A5M.1010


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