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Dual-axle Plane Precision Ring Polisher 500mm
Plane Precision Ring Polisher 620mm
Plane Precision Ring Polisher 800mm
Automatic Wobble Polisher Machine 1.2m
Plane Precision Ring Polisher 1.2m
Plane Precision Ring Polisher 1.0m
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M11.0908 Dual-axle Plane Precision Ring Polisher 500mm
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Mainly Used For Fine Grinding And Polishing High Precision Plane Components Of Optical Glass, Quartz, Crystals, Metal And Non-Metal.

Two Kinds Of Grinding Disk Are Available; One Is Cast Iron For Grinding And The Another One Is Granite For Polishing.

Working Table And Water Tank Made Of Stainless Steel, So Both Have Good Appearance, Corrosion-Proof And Easy To Clear.
  Detail Specification:
M11.9108 Specification
Grinding Disk Diameter
Grinding Precision
Precessing Range
≤ Φ180mm
Processing Unit
3 x 2
Grinding Disk Rotating Speed
4 - 40 RPM
Total Power
3.3KW / 380V
Overall Dimension (mm)
2000 x 1000 x 1100
Weight (Approx. kgs)


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